Stephen Shephard
King Darius’ tomb at Necropolis, Iran

About Steve

Through his involvement in churches since his teen years, Stephen Shephard has had the opportunity to use his musical talents in many evangelical productions throughout New Zealand. After which, Stephen reached a time in his life when he desired to formally study biblical literature. Thus, he graduated in 2010 from Carey Baptist College, Auckland, New Zealand with a Bachelor in Applied Theology, where Stephen now jokes that he “knows everything there is to know about God”.

But in all seriousness, Stephen has a heart’s desire to accurately understand God’s Word and its many prophetic mysteries so as to reinforce the Bible’s absolute authenticity and accuracy. He often expresses that he is very privileged and grateful for the truths that God has revealed to him over the years, and it is his hope that he has opportunities to share these truths so that others are also inspired to glorify God. 

With a particular interest in the subject of prophecy and eschatology, Stephen is curious to know how the ‘Seers of Old’ were able to foresee events years ahead of their time.

For example, Ezekiel prophesised that ten years would see the fall of the House of Judah; Jeremiah predicted that in seventy years the Jewish nation would return to their homeland; and the Maggi pinpointed the very month that Messiah Jesus would be born.

Consequently, after a personal revelation into God’s predetermined plan for mankind, the book ‘The Prophetic Seventy Weeks Solved’ was written

Stephen is very excited about this ‘pearl’ and hopes it will empower all theologians to understand the meaning of the famous Daniel 9 mystery.

Stephen will continue to study biblical literature in the hope that God will reveal more of His amazing mysteries.

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