No Rest for the Wicked

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It’s an interesting phrase isn’t it? I was thinking about this when one of our staff was working his guts out in the gardens, and a passer-by asked how he was!? To which he replied, “No rest for the wicked!!” Now I realize that this response generally means that “I’m working so very hard, that I’m not able to have any rest or down-time!!” (ignoring the implication that he himself is wicked)… and I understand that this is one of those common colloquial throw away statements that we all say (to which I have previously responded with a more positive reply like “no rest for the good!”). However, I’ve only recently asked the question, “Where did this phrase come from, because I think its origin has a different meaning?”

The term “rest” is used by the ancients to describe the future utopia of civilisation. The millennial reign of peace (which means a period without war); and a time of no famine (which means no economic depressions); as well as there being no disease (which means that mankind will live much much much longer). Yes, charged throughout scripture is the second coming of Christ: the prophecy where Jesus returns to earth with his entourage so as to rule the planet as predetermined in the Great Plan of God. This thousand year Utopian world is called the “Rest”. It is the seventh day of the Genesis Account (please refer to the Genesis Prophecy tab in my website explaining this millennial period in detail). It is the seventh thousandth year of determined human history.

And with this in mind, it makes complete sense that the “wicked” will not be present, as ancient literature states that those who oppose God will not be a part of this blessing. These are the people who are known as the “weeds” of society: they are those who relish in Bramble Bush leadership (see Blog tab); those who deliberately make life difficult for others; those who advocate lies and make it legislation; those who are characterised as disrespectful; envious; malicious; murderers; deceitful; fornicators; boasters; those without God’s joy and gladness; those who reject all good things of life; those who are self-centred; disobedient; without an understanding of what actually is truth. Yes, these are those who are the advocates of death (Romans 1:28-32). Overall they reject Jesus as King discarding all that is considered good by God.

Subsequently, I absolutely and definitively agree that there will be “no rest for the wicked!!”

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