Blood Moon Prophecy Debunked

It’s been nearly a couple of years since the BLOOD MOON PROPHECY saga, where a Pastor enthusiastically advised me to take my money out of the bank, sell my stock market shares, etc. as the experts say that Jesus is soon returning due to the “Blood Moon Prophecy”. Quoting Joel 2 and Acts 2, these experts exclaim “last days” reports of impending doom as they present a total lunar “blood moon” aligned with jubilee cycles and astronomical calculations that coincide with important Jewish festivals. Yes, this discussion resurfaces every few years… and always amounts to nothing!!

When I was a boy, I remember prophecy followers hollering that when World War 3 comes, the cataclysmic years will be so intense that when looking at the moon, it will appear “red” due to the thickness of smoke from the burning cities below.  Well, maybe there’s some truth in that, as I have personally seen the moon have red colourisations when I was last in Malaysia… due to certain light wavelengths being filtered through the sky and creating the same effect as that of a sunset or sunrise.

However, when it comes to the scriptural passages in question, they ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS forget to mention that the passages also involves the SUN and the STARS!!! And because these ‘professed experts’ are not presenting all the facts, it genuinely bothers me when a community of people sell up all their assets so as to be ready for the apocalypse, only to be left completely disappointed and frustrated with these leaders of the faith. Yes bothered indeed!!!

With that in mind, let’s unpack this biblical mystery:


Do you remember Joseph’s dream? He dreamt that the SUN, MOON and STARS all bowed down before him. And after telling his family, his father and his brothers were ALL extremely offended that Joseph’s dream implied that they would all be bowing down and worshipping him (Genesis 37:9-11). Despite Joseph receiving a rough deal for being who he was, this dream provides the reader insight into this metaphor. That is, that the SUN, MOON and STARS refers to the family of ISRAEL (which incidentally means “God with us!!”). In other words, Joseph’s dream gives us understanding that this group of people (the Israelites) are “shining lights” in the world because of the very reason that God was with them!! The SUN seemingly representing Jacob, and the MOON and the other STARS representing Jacob’s brethren.

Another example in scripture describes Jesus as “having the countenance of the SUN, while holding the Seven STARS in his hand” (Revelation 1:16) where once again this metaphor shows that Jesus is supreme Israel, the new Jerusalem, and the Temple. He is the “shining light” to all mankind: the SUN represents Father God, the MOON represents Jesus, and the STARS represents the Church (Revelation 1:20).

Thus for the Church (aka Candlesticks) to be also “shining lights” in the world (and demonstrating that “God is with us”), we need to have an understanding of what “light” is. Now although I unpack the “light” definition in my Genesis Prophecy video (refer to website), the following is a quick summary re some of the qualities of “LIGHT” that we should see reflected in the Church:

·         Goodness and truth (e.g. Psalm 43:3)

·         Walking in Gods teaching and wisdom (e.g. Ecclesiastics 2:13)

·         Companionship, joy and gladness (e.g. Job 3:20)

·         God’s favour (e.g. Psalm 4:6; 44:3; 89:15)

·         Life (e.g. Psalm 13:3; Proverbs 15:16)

 Contrasted to the qualities of “DARKNESS” (again more in depth in my Genesis Prophecy video):

·         Walking in lies (e.g. Ecclesiastics 2:13; Isaiah 29:18; 45:3)

·         Foolishness (e.g. Isaiah 47:5; 49:9; 59:9; Lamentations 3:2)

·         Not having God’s favour (e.g. Ezekiel 8:12; Amos 5: 18-20)

·         Death (e.g. Nahum 1:8; Zephaniah 1:15)

So let’s now think about the SUN, MOON and STARS being “darkened”… which simply is saying that ISRAEL is losing its LIGHT:

Having lost their way… darkness has crept in… seen by way of Israel walking in lies, performing foolish behaviours, losing (or having lost) God’s favour, and persecuting others where they should not.

Thus, when re-reading the Book of Joel, we can easily see that Joel is writing that his nation is being allowed by God to be attacked by another nation. Joel is repeatedly asserting that his people need to prepare for war… and after numerous descriptive words like “darkness” and “blow the trumpet”, he describes the invading army that is preceding to attack God’s people. “The sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining” is therefore a reflection of a once holy community within their “last days”, having lost God’s favour because of their foolishness with other gods.

Contrasted to Acts 2, where Peter is quoting Joel 2, so as to remind his listeners that the events of Joel 2 passage have occurred again in a similar fashion. Peter is basically saying that the Church Leadership of his day had lost its light: having incorrect teachings… to such a degree that they even murdered an innocent man, who incidentally was their future King (i.e. Jesus the Messiah). This obviously hit a nerve with those 3000 Jews, who acknowledged the atrocity of their leadership, and subsequently renounced their faith and turned to follow Jesus. Isn’t that fantastic!!!

So… what is the challenge for us today?

Well, maybe this is why we are having such a decline in Church membership: teaching doctrine that is not actually biblical; allowing compromises; becoming politically correct; judging and condemning those who stand out; promoting a culture of uniformity and submission; focussing on Sunday productions; keeping the leadership to a controlling few…  etc., etc. … I’m sure this list is not definitive!!

And the irony of this blog has been written because of the fruit of these Church Leaders having advocated incorrect teachings and misguided interpretations of a renowned prophecy… which consequently does not portray the Church as a shining light, but rather one of darkness.

So obviously we need to be challenged here as to step up our game. Seeking to synergise in order to know God’s absolute truth and stance on a matter. We need to fight the cancer of relativity, rejecting “what this means for you, may mean something different to another”. No!!! Truth is truth!! So sharpen up Church and let’s become lights in the world.

Stephen ShephardComment