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Although I am extremely privileged and grateful for the truths that God has revealed to me over the years, I have not wanted to ‘publish’ my modern day speculations re God’s plan for today. I have unfortunately suffered from ‘downward spiral thinking’ that: “Well, they aren’t really interested in the Daniel 9 prophecy being solved, so why then would they be interested in prophecy for today!!?” I would then justify this quoting what Jesus said, “Even if I raise someone from the dead, they still will not believe!!??” But after closer examination of what Jesus did next, he still continued to raise Lazarus from the tomb…  which subsequently means that I should follow his example, and present my speculations anyway (even if ‘they’ don’t believe)...

My speculations re Gods Plan for today have come from a study that has been with me for over ten years now, and only a select few have been privileged enough to hear this “Word”. The evidence is a historical examination, revealing “cycles in time”. It is compelling… and jaw-dropping… where many listeners have been challenged to rethink their lives and God.

And after showing some recent friends my findings re these “cycles in time”, they were so impressed by the weight of evidence, that they strongly encouraged me to share my speculative predictions for the year 2018. Advocating that if these predictions did occur, that sharing them “after the fact” would not carry as much weight…. but if presented “before 2018”… followed by these predictions then happening… then obviously people must certainly recognize that God does indeed have a plan.

Now although you, the reader, may not have heard my presentations on “cycles within time”, the following predictions are drawn from similar patterns around the time of the Persian Empire in 536 BC. This is not an exact science as the events that happened then are expressed differently (yet appear similar) for the year 2018. Furthermore, to qualify the parameters of the “year” 2018: this period of time is defined from October 2017 through to March 2019 (allowing a six month variance either side of ‘centred’ 2018 to allow for Empire related calendar changes over the centuries).

Right, with that out of the way, here it is…

PRINCIPAL Prediction for 2018:

The Anointed One issues the “decree” to rebuild the Temple & Walls.

The key words here are "Anointed One" ... the "Decree"... and the "Temple and Walls", which will have literal and metaphorical representations, which becomes problematic, as we now have the difficult task deciding/speculating what these terms could look like for today:

The Anointed One.

The Anointed One is a term used for a great King. It is not a term that is only associated with Jesus, where all throughout scripture there have been numerous "Anointed Ones". What this means for today's market is which King (or World Leader) is the focus of this prophecy.


A legislative term carrying the full weight of authority from the Anointed One (World Leader): a decree that will mark the history books for modern day Israel ( as well as metaphorical Israel).

Temple & Walls

Most people tend to think of "Temple" as a literal structure with reference to King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. However this structural "Temple" has been rebuilt several times throughout history which has included the protective walls on the outside of the city (not necessarily around the Temple only). Metaphorically, "Temple" can also refer to the "people" of that city, especially as Jesus even referred to Himself as the "Temple" (meaning that when people see him, they will know that God is with him). Subsequently, this could mean that the Christian Church may also have "Temple" connotations.


OTHER Speculations for 2018:

The Babylonian famine ends.

Maybe Trump succeeds in "Making America Great Again", as the ‘Recession’ (which should really be called a ‘Depression’) will be officially announced as “ended” after a ten year period. To date, there has been no announcement since 2007/2008. And when I think back, I remember when the ‘Recession’ started in late October 2007/2008, everyone was saying it would only be one or two years… Well, I had already understood some of the “cycles of time”, and had predicted an 89% chance that a modern day economic ‘famine’ would begin in the year 2007/2008. Obviously I had a 100% hit… and we are now in year nine!

The Babylonian Ruler (Beltshazzar) is assassinated.

Seeing that the United States of America epitomizes Babylonian culture, it is possible that our modern day candidate may be Donald Trump. He certainly comes across presumptuous and demonstrates similar behaviour to that of Beltshazzar, where everything Trump stands for is virtually against UN policies…. So, if Trump is assassinated (or alternatively, a renowned Church Leader)... let’s just say that it should springboard the United Nations to the throne-room of power.

Potential financial change.

Following the thought that if Trump is gone, investors may pull out of America which could inaugurate a financial collapse. Now although I’m not really sure if an economic collapse would actually happen, part of me entertains the idea that somehow a new system needs to be introduced as part of the United Nations plan. History has taught us that during significant inflation periods (e.g. circa the Great Depression), society has crashed its currency, and restarted anew. For example, Germany eliminated the Papiermark and replaced it with the Reichmark, where millionaires lost all their funds overnight.

Persian Reign.

Principally based, this year is the time for a 'new empire'. Now although America is seen as the current World Leader, my eyes have been on the United Nations as I see this organization as the "Beast" of Revelation.  I therefore speculate that the current United Nations Secretary General will be ‘replaced’ by the Prince of Persia… and I’m being serious!!! Although we currently have Antonio Guterres in power as the Secretary General of United Nation, to be ‘replaced’ could be anything from resigning to dying... I just don’t know!!?? But the point being, that this inaugurates a Middle Eastern Secretary General: Reza Cyrus Pahlavi… the only remaining Shah of Iran (that’s right, a Royal Persian Prince currently working for the United Nations)… cool, eh?

The Jews are protected.

With Mr Reza Pahlavi in power, he will be instrumental in arbitrating peace between the modern nation Israel and Palestine, issuing the “decree” to rebuild the Temple & Walls. In other words, this “mandate” of peace negotiations should allow the Jewish nation to continue rebuilding their ‘outer wall boundaries’ across Palestine.


So there it is!!! If the above does happen, then we as believers in this “Word” have some serious discussion with regard to the following fourteen years. But if it doesn’t happen… then… well… I guess this would make me wrong re my prophetic claims… which means that you as the reader will have the mandate to “stone” me… having permission to publicly slaughter my Apocalyptic insights so as to rid society of my evils. With that in mind, here’s hoping I’m right!!!


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