Prediction 2018: Cyrus the Great

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It was some ten years ago when I predicted that the “Anointed One (King) would issue the decree to rebuild Jerusalem” in the year 2018… and here we are today, the news has confirmed my prediction. Praise God!!! But, as mentioned in previous blogs, I did not expect the Anointed One to be Donald Trump as my eyes were on someone else. Irrespective of my speculations, the above principle seems to be honoured.

Recently, renowned Rabbi Mordechai Persoff spoke about how the new Israeli Temple coin celebrates 70 years of Israel’s independence… This coin was minted “to honour and praise President Donald Trump who has fulfilled the promise”. Rabbi Persoff claims that President Donald Trump has begun the “prophetic promise by making Jerusalem the capital of Israel” and consequently moving the American Embassy there in May.

Yes, 2018 has been an exciting year as the nation Israel sings the praises of Donald Trump, calling him the “Messiah”… terms that were used some 2500 years ago, when the Jewish community also sang the same praises for Cyrus the Great (please read Isaiah 44 & 45).

But what makes this tribute coin so fascinating, is that Donald Trump is being compared to that of Cyrus… as seen on the back of the coin, a double relief of the two heads. In other words, attributing President Trump to be equal with Cyrus the Great.

So you can see why I’m so gob smacked… because my prediction that there would be a modern day King (an Anointed One identical to that of Cyrus the Great) who would issue the decree (a worldwide legislation) for the Jews to rebuild the Temple and Walls (claiming Jerusalem as the capital) in exactly the year 2018 (specifically) has been predetermined.

With this in mind, the countdown has begun…

"Blessed is the one who reads the word of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what it is written in it, because the time is near!!!” Revelation 1:3

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