Table of Kings

Thought this might be helpful for those wanting to know the ruler-ship years of some of the Old Testament Kings: from King Solomon (Israel) through to King Darius (Persia).

It will be different to what Google says as scholars have adopted a chronology based upon multiple historical documents in front of them (e.g. Herodotus)... and then making a decision as to which to 'believe'. It is a sad day when other historical documents take preference over biblical literature.... which unfortunately has influenced the perceived chronology of biblical literature.

The following is a timeline is taken straight from the Bible, using the Assyrian attack in 722BC as foundational; the first Babylonian siege of the House of Judah in 606BC as foundational, and the beginning of the Persian Empire in 536BC as foundational. Thus, the King's lineage is listed around these significant markers.

Hope it helps:

first table page KINGS.png
second table page KINGS.png
third table page KINGS.png
fourth table page KINGS.png
fifth table page KINGS.png