Dragon, Devils, Demons and Dylan

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Over the years, it seems that people tend to mix up the terms “Satan”, the “Devil” and “demons”… thinking that each ‘entity’ is synonymous with each other. This is a half-truth, because they are all different. Just as one would argue the differences in the Trinity concept: (1) that Father God has no form (i.e. no body) as He is spirit (John 4:24); (2) contrasted to Jesus who has form (i.e. Jesus has a body and has breath); and then (3) there is the Holy Spirit (soon to be explained). Three separate ‘God-entities’ yet united in common purpose. With this in mind, let me share my understanding of Satan and the Devil?

In essence, the similarities are the same:

Now I’m not sure how one exactly describes “spirit”… but the Old & New Testament use words synonymous with “breath” and “wind”. Neither can be seen, yet there is an awareness of their presence. Thus, the “spirit of Satan” is a “spirit” that has no form, while its designed purpose is in complete opposition to Yahovah’s spirit. Both these spirits (Yahovah and Satan) have been around since the beginning of time and are also present when there is no-time: one spirit represents light, and the other spirit represents darkness (Genesis 1:2). And so, when considering the man Jesus (who has a body and is “one with the spirit of the Father”), this means that Jesus is someone who fulfils the purposes of the Father as a created being (John 17:21). This is exactly the same for the Devil: a created being who manifests the “spirit of Satan”: someone who has a body (i.e. has form) and fulfils the purposes of Satan.

So what about when Jesus called Peter “Satan” (Matthew 16:23)? Was Jesus stating that Peter was actually Satan in disguise (because this would surely confuse ones theology if we imagine Peter to actually be Satan). No!!! Rather that Jesus was challenging Peter’s thinking… as he was advocating that Jesus and the disciples go to war against Rome. Obviously Jesus was aware that this kind of thinking was “opposed” to God’s ultimate timing and will. If however, Peter continued with his “rebellious” mindset, the New Testament may have instead used language that called Peter a “devil”, because Peter would be insisting his will “against” Yahovah.

Thus, we learn that when scripture states that “Satan entered Judas” (Luke 22:3), this is saying that Judas had made a decision to be “against” Jesus. Judas’ attitude and entire being had changed, having made a “heart-commitment” to “oppose” Jesus (John 13:2). In essence, Judas became the devil’s advocate (which of course is Satan’s will), with the mission to bring Jesus down (Matthew 26:16).

Scripture records many more people having the “spirit of opposition”. For example, the “Sons of God” chose to return back to earth so as to have sexual relations with mankind (Genesis 6). This line of thinking again comes only from the “spirit of Satan”. Another example is recorded in the Book of Job, stating that “Satan was with the Sons of God” (Job 1:6-9). This is ‘big picture’ language showing the intent of the “rebellious” angels, who were using the Third Heaven court system in order to condemn people in the First Heaven. Overall, these “devils” have joined together and formed the “Dragon” syndicate (Revelation 12), an organisation dedicated to be “against” God’s intent for mankind. These are the same “accusers” who tried to overthrow the Third Heaven government, but failed in their coup, and were consequently cast down to Earth (Revelation 12). However, their “satanic” strategy continues as they continue to seek out and destroy all those people who hold true the commandments of God, while bringing every other human being under submission to the “Dragon” way of life.

In summary, the spirit of Satan is always there. It is what it is, and the reason why mankind will always have a choice to be light or darkness. Throughout my life, I have met many a person having a “spirit of opposition” challenging to what I know to be the will of God: a friend, a neighbour, and even a staff member within an organisation. This is why Jesus challenged his leadership calling them “Vipers” (Matthew 23:33): a derogatory term asserting that the Pharisees institution was in direct “opposition” to God’s will… that the religion of the day was all about control, deception and self-progression that supported the “Serpent” way of life. Hence why Jesus said that “they are either with me or against me” (Matthew 12:30). And just like Peter, just because someone is in Church, does not mean that they have definitive understanding of Gods’ will.

Perhaps Bob Dylan had it right when he sang his song “It might be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but you’ll gonna have to serve somebody!!!”... because there are ultimately only two choices in this WORLD.

So hopefully the “spirit” of this blog has helped a little in our understanding.

Steve Shephard