Dragon, Devils, Demons and Dylan

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Over the years, it seems that people tend to mix up all the labels to do with “Satan”, the “Devil” and “demons”… thinking that each ‘entity’ is synonymous with each other. This is again a half-truth. Just as we have God the Father is “spirit” (John 4:24), we also have Jesus who has a “body” and has the “spirit” of the Father (e.g. John 17). In other words, the Father has ‘no form’ as He is only spirit (John 4:24) contrasted to Jesus who has ‘form’ (i.e. Jesus has a body and has breath). Two separate ‘God-entities’ but united in common purpose. With this in mind, how do we come to grips with understanding Satan and the Devil?

In essence, the similarities are the same:

Now I’m not sure how one defines and describes “spirit”… but the Old & New Testament do use words synonymous with “breath” and “wind”, which I think are beautiful terms that express the "essence" of a person. But irrespective of how we examine this word "spirit", the fact remains that there is the “spirit of Satan” which is contrasted to the “spirit of Jehovah” (where they both have no form). And so when considering the man Jesus who has a body and “the spirit of the Father”, so too is the Devil, a man who manifests the “spirit of Satan” and having a body (i.e. has form).

If you remember my previous blog on the term “Lucifer”, you’ll remember it means “opposition”… which I think is a good definition that describes the characters of “Satan” and the “Devil” (and of course “demons”), because it is this “opposite” and “rebellious” spirit that is “against” the will of Jehovah God.

We can see this “spirit” when Jesus called Peter “Satan”? Jesus was not saying that Peter was actually Satan (because that would surely confuse ones theology). No, rather Jesus was challenging Peter, saying that Peter’s thinking was “opposed” to God’s ultimate timing and will (Matthew 16:23). If however, Peter continued with his “rebellious” view towards Jesus, the New Testament may have used language calling Peter a “devil”, because Peter would be persisting his will “against” Jehovah’s.

We can also see that when scripture states that “Satan entered Judas” (Luke 22:3). This is saying that Judas was determined to be “against” Jesus… as the “Devil was now in his heart” (John 13:2). His attitude and very being had changed… becoming the Devil’s advocate (so to speak), which of course is Satan’s will. Yes, Judas was out to bring Jesus down (Matthew 26:16).

Something else that needs to be mentioned is with regard to the “lake of fire”. The "lake of fire" reflects the final drama within the First & Second Heavens, where the Devil and the Beast and the False Prophet (representing “satanic” systems) are overcome and thrown into this fiery reservoir (Revelation 19:20 and 20:10). The “lake of fire”, of course, is a metaphor for completely being destroyed. If I dropped a piece of paper into a fiery lake, would it exist? Obviously not as it would burn up into nothingness. This is the final outcome for the False Prophet, the Beast, and the Devil. But take a closer look at the text: as it clearly shows that “Satan” is not thrown into the lake. This because Satan cannot be destroyed. The “spirit” of Satan is always there!!! This is why we see rebellion in the Third Heaven, where the “Dragon” (representing the conglomeration of translated man) opposes the Third Heaven government of Jesus (Revelation 12). In other words, man will still have the freedom to choose to “rebel against” God or not.

Furthermore, scripture records this “opposition” spirit when the “Sons of God” choose to return back to earth so as to have sexual relations with mankind (Genesis 6). This line of thinking again comes only from the “spirit of Satan”.

There is another example recorded in the Book of Job, stating that “Satan was with the Sons of God” (Job 1:6-9). This is ‘big picture’ language showing the intent of the “rebellious” Angels using the Third Heaven court system in order to condemn people in the First Heaven. These are the same “Accusers” who after failing in their coup against the government of Jesus, were consequently cast down to Earth (Revelation 12). Regardless, their “satanic” strategy still continues as they seek to destroy all those people who hold true the commandments of God, while bringing every other human being under submission to the “Dragon” way of life.

Thus throughout my life, I have met many a person having a “spirit of opposition” to what I know to be the will of God. A staff member, an organisation, a neighbour, or even a close friend who “opposes” what you know to be right before the Almighty. This is vitally important as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling, because Jesus said that “they are either with me or against me” (Matthew 12:30). This is why Jesus challenged his Church leadership of the day, calling them “Vipers” (Matthew 23:33)… a derogatory term stating that the Pharisees institution was in direct “opposition” to God’s will... that the religion of the day was all about control, deception and self-progression that supported the “Serpent” (i.e. Dragon) way of life.

Perhaps Bob Dylan had it right when he sang his song “It might be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but you’ll gonna have to serve somebody!!!”... because there are ultimately only two choices in this WORLD.

So hopefully the “spirit” of this blog has helped a little in our understanding.

Steve Shephard