Chiastic Structure: The Book of Revelation

As promised, the chiastic structure of the Book of Revelation:

For those unsure of what this means, a chiastic structure is an ancient literary style that some biblical writers used. It is basically a symmetry pattern of writing.

For example, the beginning of the narrative and the end of the narrative have ‘mirrored’ themes… and as the narrative progresses, the next chapter and the ‘second to last’ chapter also have similar themes… so too does the third chapter and the ‘third to last’ chapter. This pattern progresses throughout the narrative, until then it ‘pivots’ around the central key point that the writer really wants us to know what his story is really about!!!

Thus while reading the Book of Revelation, I uncovered the following:

Chiastic Structure.jpg

So there it is…. It speaks for itself, doesn’t it!! The entire Book of Revelation is all about the KINGDOM OF GOD.

This is a fundamental truth that should be understood before commencing any study of this amazing book.

So for an in-depth analysis of the Chiastic Structure of Revelation, you are welcome to watch my video as I unpack this subject while travelling throughout Vietnam.

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