Christian Writers Retreat 2019

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Occasionally I’m asked to speak to larger groups (which is a nice change from the often smaller home group models), where recently I had the privilege of speaking at the NZ Christian Writers Retreat 2019… held at Flaxmill Conference Centre in the Coromandel.

And what a fantastic time it was, having two sessions to inspire the writing spirit: I decided that the first session should open with an overview of God’s 7000 year plan, and then shared an ancient literary technique called a chiastic structure. Many appreciate that this style of writing is not just a pretty shape to follow, but rather has a deeper representation used to honour God’s great plan. And then in session two, my jaw dropping presentation of cycles within our determined timeline.

To make the morning even more special, I sold numerous copies of my book “The Prophetic Seventy Weeks Solved”.

Justin St. Vincent (as seen on the right) is the President of NZ Christian Writers, whose main aims and purposes are:

·         To promote writing and communication, which is in harmony with God’s Spirit and the teaching and life of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage Christian writers to express their faith in both the religious and secular media.

·         To uphold Christian ethics, while maintaining a non-denominational and evangelical stance.

·         To provide training for writers by means of seminars and educational materials.

·         To encourage and support local groups of Christian writers and to provide standards for their establishment and organisation.

·         To provide a voice for Christian writers, and encouragement for those who write in isolation.

So if you’re a writer in any capacity (whether an author, blogger, editor, lyricist, poet, publisher, songwriter, storyteller, etc.), you too should join this wonderful bunch of creative people for the fellowship and teaching. For more information, visit

Please check out their promotion video below:

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