Did you know that Superman was created in 1933 by two Jewish writers named Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This fictional character is about a baby boy sent from the heavens to Earth: who grew up having superhuman powers, and whose destiny is to save the people on this planet. Yes, Superman can fly; has incredible strength; able to leap tall buildings with a single bound; and gives the bad guys the justice that they deserve. Wikipedia reminds us that this character has many epithets: such as the Man of Steel, Big Blue Boy Scout, the Man of Tomorrow, the Last Son of Krypton, and of course the Greatest Hero of All Time.

Siegel and Shuster’s faith is certainly being expressed: how a Messiah from the heavens is sent to Earth to save mankind. An incredible super-human personifying the very best of man while having the moral values of a good God. As representative, this selfless soul is aware of his destiny having the responsibility to lead mankind into a brighter future. Yes, this prophetic message has been expressed throughout biblical literature and respected by the Jewish people for over four thousand years.

Based upon at least 130 scriptures, God’s great plan is revealed that He will provide mankind with a Messiah… where some believe that these prophecies were fulfilled in 2018. Yes, modern day Israel are calling President Donald Trump the “Messiah”, having legislated Jerusalem to be their capital city. Who would have thought, eh? They have even attributed Mr Trump to that of King Cyrus (please read ).

Nevertheless, let it be said that Donald Trump is nowhere near the Ultimate Messiah, the King of all Kings, and the true Superman… known to us as Eeasous.

Yes, Eeasous was sent to earth two thousand years ago, and did some absolutely awe-inspiring miracles, proving that he was God’s begotten Son… where scripture states that he will soon return from the Third Heaven to rule this world in the coming years. This extraordinary man has amazing super powers: being able to heal the sick with a single blow, to walk on water with every step; to make the blind see with a piece of mud, to heal the deaf with the click of his fingers… and he can even raise the dead with a spoken word…

So, look up into sky!!! It’s a bird!! It’s a plane!! It’s JESUS!!!!!

Yep, I just love what Superman represents.

Steve Shephard