Stephen Shephard

Daniel’s Prophecy is Finally Solved

If you are interested in the subject of prophecy and you are seeking to understand God’s predetermined plan, then this is a must read.

The Prophetic Seventy Weeks Solved – Front Cover

The prophecy of Daniel 9 has probably been the most debated passage since the birth of the Church

Virtually every mainstream interpretation has looked outside the biblical canon in order to try and understand its mystery. Although all have boasted to have solved the prophetic riddle, every one of those interpretations touches only aspects. None have completely aligned to the historical and scriptural facts.

However, new evidence has shown that the answer to this renowned passage has been in the biblical record all along. That is, the understanding of the ‘seventy weeks’ has been under our noses the entire time, and is foundational for understanding not only the first coming of Jesus Christ, but perhaps all prophecy today.

Stephen believes he has covered all the bases and has solved the riddle that has mystified theologians for centuries. You the reader will need to decide whether he has!
— John Ward (Rhema)

Available in paperback and as a digital download